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Apply for BoundBreaker generation 2012

12/04/2012 at 03:46

We’re launching the process to bring forth a new generation of BoundBreakers and thus inviting teams, individuals, hackers, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs to join our program! This year, the program is going to be divided into two parts.

First part

The first lasts for two months through May and June 2012 and serves as a general-purpose startup accelerator program. What you’ll learn in those two months are the indispensable tools of entrepreneurship, wrapping the program up with an open demo day.

We’ll start of with an introductory session, outlining what’s about to happen and opening the floor to any questions that might arise. We’ll give you a sneak preview into the sessions to follow. You’ll cotinue with tactical and strategically positioning your company or idea in your second workshop, as always, learning from and teaching other teams as you progress.

You’ll then prepare an executive summary, critique these with your peers and move on to pitching. After all, when you need funding it’s all about making that VC want you

What comes next is customer development, followed by an intorduction to the so called product matrix. The final two workshops are going to focus on how to gain traction in (and through) the media and lastly your final preparations for the upcoming demo day (in SLO in June).

When demo day comes, you’ll present your company, pitch in front of VCs and get some invaluable feedback concerning your idea, your company, your product. We are going to select a pool of companies to take to the second phase and the top three teams are going to be treated with a waiver of the costs of the second phase of the program.

Throughout the workshops, you’re going to be inspired and given help and advice by some of our collaborators. We profile our colaborators to ensure these are people with experience in the startup world (they have acquired an investment through their own entrepreneurial activities or are themselves a VC).

Second part

The second phase of the project is going to take place between July and September 2012. It’s going to be focused specifically on preparing for  trip to Silicon Valley and your meetings with potential investors and partners. Main activities will be trough weekly events and individual coaching. The conclusion of this phase will lead you into the belly of the beast, well on your way to secure an investment.

Second part will be focused on our trip to Silicon Valley and your meetings with potential investors and partners.

What about the money?

The contribution is 950 EUR for the first part of the program and additional 1.950 EUR for the second part, which in addition to workshops, includes individual coaching. Hekovnik will sponsor the entire educational program for the top 3 most promising teams (decision to be made after demo day). The payment must be completed within a month after the program starts. Information day and the first workshop are free of charge.

You can apply until 10.5 23:59 CET at APPLY“. It is time.

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